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“Nicolae Bocşan” Institute of Ecclesiastical History, founded in 2005, is a research structure subordinated to the Rectorate of Babeş-Bolyai University, that promotes and stimulates the ecclesiastical history researches, from multiple points of view (organization, religious life, confessional schools, personalities, relatioships between State and Church, interconfessional relationships etc.) concerning all the historical confessions from Romania and Central and Eastern Europe. To this purpose, many specialists were brought on board, like professors, PhD students, master students from the Faculty of History and Philosophy, Faculty of Orthodox Theology, Faculty of Greek Catholic Theology, Faculty of Roman Catholic Theology and Faculty of Reformed Theology from Babes-Bolyai University. The institute is also opened to specialists from other faculties, outside the University of Cluj and various research institutes. The Ecclesiastical History Institute “Nicolae Bocşan” collaborates with similar specialized institutes from Europe and has established functional partnerships with similar institutions such as The Pontifical Oriental Institute of Rome (Italy); The “Pio Romeno” Pontifical College, Rome (Italy); The Austrian Institute of Historical Research Vienna (Austria); The Institute of Eastern Christian Studies in Nijmegen (Netherlands); The Institute for the History of the Italian Renaissance or with prestigious universities from Italy, such as Roma Tre University, LUMSA University, University of Milan etc., integrating the Romanian scientific research inside the international scientific world.

The main operational objectives of “Nicolae Bocşan” Institute of ecclesiastical history research are:

  1. Conducting research programs design for analysis and studies, realized by groups of professors, PhD students, master students and researchers that will develop projects in order to obtain financing, grants, national and international sponsorships. The results will be materialized in articles, partial studies and databases necessary for the analysis and interpretation of the history of the most significant Romanian confessions, from a comparative perspective.
  2. Editing a collection of documents gathered under the name of Documenta Ecclesiastica, published at Cluj University Press. The collection includes series of documents related to the history of all Romanian historical confessions. Each documentary series will follow the thematically and chronologically criterion in order to respect the scientific rules in force on editing and publishing historical documents.
  3. Organizing colloquia and national and international symposia. The annual preparation, together with partner institutes, of a colloquia or a scientific symposium with national and international participation, which will valorizes and introduces the national research results obtained inside this group of research in the international scientific world. Als, organizing a series of conferences that will discuss the latest results of the research carried out by the members of the institute.

Following programs and directions of research illustrated during a decade of activity, “Nicolae Bocşan” Historical Ecclesiastical Institute aims to initiate and facilitate academic and scientific exchanges with professors, PhD students, Romanian and foreign researchers (mobilities, traineeships documentation, contacts, books acquisitions and other means of research, colloquia and international symposia etc.), to establish programs of cooperation with Romanian and foreign scientific institutes that develop similar researches, to initiate and conduct projects developed to sustain the research through funding obtained from: research grants, sponsorships and other sources of finance in order to optimize research.


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